These Mountains, The Adirondacks

These Mountains

I fell in love with these mountains when I was seventeen on a college visit.
I reveled in young love as I hiked these mountains and watched the sunset on the shores of St. Regis Lake.
I let these mountains help heal my first broken heart.
I accepted my diploma with these mountains in the background with my whole life ahead of me.
I found strength in these mountains as my father battled for his life.
I sought comfort in these mountains as my heart broke in a million pieces as I accepted my father’s death.
I returned to these mountains to give back and share my knowledge with a new crop of students.
I enjoyed a labor of love in these mountains as I helped build a company.
I cultivated a project named for one of these mountains.
I learned of the loss of a dear friend in these mountains.
I tried to write a story in these mountains that should not have been written.
I had my entire paradigm shift in these mountains.
I now live at the foothills of these mountains and found the love I didn’t know I needed.
We dance on the roof to Sinatra as we look at these mountains.
We boat on the lake with these mountains all around us.
I am building my own business in these mountains.
I am living the life I love in these mountains and loving the life I live in these mountains.
The Adirondacks. These mountains.

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